The Songsmith Challenge – Gabba ‘Wonderwall’, Anyone?

A large part of Adam and Joe’s 6 Music show on Saturday (January 17) was devoted to mocking Songsmith, the ‘automatic songwriting’ tool developed by Microsoft and marketed virally via this jaw-droppingly cheesy ad:

There’s been some speculation that Songsmith might herald the death of songcraft. After all, Leonard Cohen never would have had to bang his head against the floor trying to whittle ‘Hallelujah’ down from 80 verses if he’d had a program that did it all for him.

In truth, the results are far too ‘playschool’ to be used by real songwriters (Kate Nash excepted). Perhaps that’s why its main application so far has been to create instant spoof mash-ups.

Europop version of ‘Enter Sandman’, anyone?

‘Wonderwall’ goes gabba?

Reggae ‘Sgt. Pepper’?

If you think you can do better, download the free trial and post your efforts by leaving a comment with a link.