The Stars Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Have Provided Some Excellent Lyrics For The Show’s Theme Song

It’s finally here. Game of Thrones returns to our screens today (April 25) after almost a year’s absence, and we’re bloody excited.

But it all starts with the theme song. That theme song that you bellow along to with your mates, the one that makes you drop everything and make sure you’re in front of the screen – it’s one of the most iconic opening credits on television. We have just one teeny, tiny gripe with the opening credits though – lyrics.

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We want to be able to roar along to some opening lines as we settle in for an hour of deceit, swords and sex – but alas, we are left going ‘dun-dun-dun-dun’ for a minute and a half. That is, until now…

Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and more have been so kind to provide us with some very unofficial lyrics for us to add into the mix tonight. “Maybe you could find lyrics where you just joined everyone’s house sigil together” suggests Dormer, all but ignoring the research and effort it would take to do so. We’re probably up for it, but it’s a bit late to learn before 9pm.

Sophie Turner went a bit literal with her suggested lyrics “There’s Arya, then there’s Sansa, then there’s Theon, then there’s Cersei, then there’s Daenerys, then there’s… others”. They’re fine, I mean, they could do with some work and they’re not particularly catchy – but you’re onto something, Sophie.

The winner though has to be Maisie Williams who does predate her suggestion with a warning, “There’s not many of them, they’re not very complex but I think they sum up the show perfectly”, before proposing we just say “death and death and boobies”, continually, till the end of the song. Bravo, if we could sum up the show with only a few words – it would be those. Maybe add ‘dragons’, ‘pain’ and ‘twists’ in there though.

So remember those words – because we’re likely to see a fair bit of it tonight. If we’re lucky…