The Staves Premiere Sublime Bon Iver Produced LP ‘If I Was’ – Exclusive Album Stream

Since the Hertfordshire sisters’ delicate sound caught the ears of Justin Vernon back in 2012 the Bon Iver man and the trio of sisters have gone on to form a strong bond. After a couple of stints touring together, Vernon invited the band to his studio in snowy Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Those informal sessions unwittingly developed into a series of full-blown recording sessions which ended up giving birth to their second album, ‘If I Was’.

Bon Iver describes the process: “It’s the way a record about deep things needs to happen: over a period of time, in a singular place, with enough time to reflect on themselves and express. I’ve made a lot of records now in my life and I have to say, making this one with them altered and changed me.”

The follow-up to The Staves debut ‘Dead & Born & Grown’, the second LP is a much deeper, more accomplished, more compelling experience. Listen to it exclusively below:

It’s out on March 23 on Atlantic Records. For more information or to get hold of the album head here.

Watch a video below of The Staves talking about the making of ‘If I Was’ earlier this year.