The Stone Roses In Halifax – Five Glaring Omissions From The Setlist

The Stone Roses’ slate of shows at the Etihad Stadium next week are some of the most anticipated gigs in the UK since, well, the last set of gigs they did in their home town. But before they reassume their guise as stadium slayers, The Roses treated fans to a tiny show at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax last night. Playing to 1,500 lucky punters, the band tore through a 16-song set including a debut live outing for new track ‘All For One’.

But what about the songs they missed out? The set was for the most part pretty solid, but there was also a few glaring omissions. We’ve had a little think, and these are the tracks that we hope somehow weasel their way back into the setlist for next week’s four mammoth shows.

1. ‘Ten Storey Love Song’

The band have been tentative to perform tracks from ‘The Second Coming’ throughout their recent live shows – which is no real surprise. ‘Love Spreads’ has featured in nearly all the reunion gigs, but they usually throw a couple of choice cuts in for good measure and last night ‘Begging You’ and ‘Breaking Into Heaven’ were brought into the fold. A reappearance of ‘Begging You’ into the setlist is welcome – but can we swap out the bloated ‘Breaking Into Heaven’ for the sappy anthem ‘Ten Storey Love Song’ instead?

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2. ‘Standing Here’

The B-side to ‘She Bangs The Drums’ was a fixture on the second leg of their tour, but it was nowhere to be seen last night. The band proved that they could still handle the slower-tempo songs aptly with ‘Elizabeth My Dear’, so perhaps with a bigger setlist this will get the nod.

3. ‘One Love’

The non-album single reached Number Four in the UK charts upon its release in 1990 and became a firm fan favourite, but it’s been missing from the reunion shows and the ensuing tours. ‘All For One’ might end up burying any chance of a live outing, but we’d be little bit dizzy to see this one get a rare appearance at the forthcoming shows.

4. ‘Sally Cinnamon’

Arguably the biggest omission. ‘Sally Cinnamon’ is by some lengths their most accessible pop hit and is usually the first song on fan’s dream setlists. It was absent from last night’s gig, but with an extended setlist for the stadium shows hopefully on the cards – this one should should see a welcome return. Surely?

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5. ‘Shoot You Down’

The debut album track was a staple in their live sets during the original reunion shows, but it got unceremoniously bumped from the setlist for Halifax’s big night. Is this a sign of setlist experimentation? Or has it been exiled in favour of an as-yet-unplayed new song? Either way, there’s always room for this classic.