Are The Stone Roses Recording Right Now? Here’s What’s Going On At That London Studio

Excitement surrounding the possibility of The Stone Roses recording a third album reached fever pitch this afternoon (March 23) when fans descended on Paul Epworth’s Church Studios in Crouch End and posted a flurry of pics on Twitter of recording gear and equipment.

Some even said the band reckon we could hear new music “before June”. Both Mani and John Squire allegedly denied this telling a punter in a pub nearby, they were merely “rehearsing for gigs”.

NME took a trip down to North London this evening, to see if we could get the lowdown on a possible third coming.

Are The Stone Roses recording a new album at this studio?

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Upon arrival, there were a few lights on in the church, but no sign of any music coming from the building.

A few fans were camped outside in anticipation of their heroes stepping out to sign a few autographs or stop for a quick photo.

Terry Robinson, 41, travelled down from Epsom with his 16-year-old daughter Alex to try and catch a glimpse of the band. “I heard that they were down here and I ummed and aahed about coming down,” he said. “But as soon as I got permission from the wife that was it, I jumped on the tube with my daughter.”

He added: “I’m a huge fan and have been since ’89. I saw them when they played in Amsterdam [at the gig where Reni famously stormed off stage], Heaton and Finsbury Park and I’m off to see two of their shows at the Etihad Stadium in the summer.”

Robinson revealed that a source at the studio told him the band were recording. “Since we’ve been here, a courier turned up with two Adidas boxes and we basically followed him in. One of the guys inside said the band were recording in the studio.”

The Harringay Arms in Crouch End where Mani and John Squire were recently spotted

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Ben Hayes, owner of The Harringay Arms, next door where Mani and John Squire were recently spotted, also seemed to think that the band were recording in the studio: “A couple of them, the guitarist and the bass player I think, popped in for a quick half yesterday. They were just on a quick break. They must have been recording or something.”

He added: “We’ve had heaps of people come in here – Lana Del Rey, Usher, U2 and Adele has popped in a few times. It’s great because this is the kind of place where people can come in and they know no-one’s going to bother them.”

Reni eventually turned up outside the studio to pose for pictures with fans and sign autographs. When asked by NME if the band were recording a new album, he joked: “I’m recording,” before adding: “I can’t tell you anything because I’ll get my arse kicked.”

“That was brilliant,” Robinson added. “It was the first time I’ve ever met any of them and it was well worth the trip. He probably just edges the rest as my favourite Stone Roses member. You’re never sure when you meet your heroes are you? But I’m pleased I disturbed him on his phone call.”

Reni signs some autographs for fans outside Paul Epworth’s Church Studios in Crouch End

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Another fan, Ryan Matthews also spoke to Reni and admitted that the prospect of a third album would be “very cool”. “It was really great meeting Reni. It was quite surreal really. I heard a few whispers on Twitter that they might be here so I thought I’d chance my arm and there he was, it was cool,” he enthused before adding: “If they are recording a third album that would be very cool.”

No official word from the horse’s mouth then but all evidence points to the prospect of new Roses material coming in the not too distant future.

Here’s hoping.