The Stone Roses Return – Inside This Week’s NME

So there we were on Wednesday May 23, about to finish our gargantuan quiz issue, when someone yelled from across the room: “The Stone Roses are playing, TONIGHT, in Warrington.” First came the panic. Then came the excitement. Then came the planning. We, and hundreds of thousands of people across the world, had been waiting for this moment for 16 years. It had to go on the cover. It had to. This week’s issue was supposed to be all about the World’s Greatest Music Quiz. But now it’s all about the World’s Greatest Music Quiz, and the world’s most exciting comeback. It’s a double issue, for the price of one. Here’s what’s in it:

The Day The Stone Roses Returned
Ian, John, Mani and Reni, live, at Warrington Parr Hall. We saw the Twitter update, we got on a train, we went to the gig, we got backstage, we spoke to Liam Gallagher.

Sex Pistols’ Jubilee Boat Party
As the Bank Holiday weekend approaches, we thought it might be a good time to big out some rare snaps of Johnny Rotten on a boat on the Thames in 1977.

Plan B
The rapper-turned-director talks us through his upcoming film, Ill Manors, which takes ‘broke Britain’ to the big scree…

Julian Casablancas’ Solo Album Number Two?
Is he making solo album number two? Apparently so, according to Haim singer Danielle. We’ve got the full story…

Pieces Of Me: Grimes
The new heroine of electro-pop reveals who she fell in love with when she was 11 and why she (reluctantly) went to see the Backstreet Boys.

My Bloody Valentine
“It was a fucking nightmare,” says ex-Creation boss Alan McGee about the making of MBV’s classic Loveless album, which has recently been reissued.

The World’s Greatest Music Quiz
10 pages of hot quiz action to help you through the Bank Holiday weekend, a time when you might just spend and unfeasibly long period of time trying to entertain yourself on public transport. Features: loads of amazing prizes!

Album Reviews
Liars! The Hives! Ladyhawke! Friends! Bumper words on a bumper week for long players.

Live Reviews
Guns N’ Roses! Gossip! DZ Deathrays! The Cribs! Alt-J! Kindness! A week of live music, lovingly torn to shreds…

Aiden Grimshaw
In his last ever VERSUS column, Peter Robinson takes on the X Factor graduate who’s ‘getting serious’ with his new sound.

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