The Stranger Things merch super fans will have to have

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Ever since Stranger Things’ release in July 2016 the globe had been seized in equal parts teenage-squad admiration and Demogorgon-fear frenzy. The Netflix Original’s palm-sweating plot, shock twists and endearing, youthful cast has captivated millions of viewers, who eagerly waited for, and promptly binged, season 2.

With Christmas round the corner, it’s time to deck the halls and feed the pudding, and to start stocking up on stocking fillers. We all know one (or ten) people who are totally obsessed with life in the Upside Down, so here’s the ultimate rundown of Stranger Things themed gifts you can get that are both wickedly cool and delightfully creepy.

Stranger Things gifts under £10

Punky Pins Eggo Stranger Things Enamel Pin Badge – £7.00 – Buy Now

So your pal can wear their Stranger Things fandom on their sleeve – get the perfect stocking filler of an Eggo pin with the iconic quote “She’s our friend and she’s crazy”.

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The Book of Barb – £7.26 – Buy Now

IMAGE CREDIT: Smith Street Books

Celebrate the show’s teen icon Barb with this excellent book of solid life advice from the gal herself, including this golden nugget: “If a boy is a jerk to you, he isn’t worth your time. Come on, you are not this stupid!” – a guide to live your life by.

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Stranger Things gifts under £20

Stranger Things Demogorgon Days Gorillaz T-Shirt – £15.95 – Buy Now

Why not combine a classic album cover with everybody’s favourite telly show – you’d definitely ‘Feel Good Inc’ waking up to this in your stocking.

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Hawkins Living Adventure T-Shirt – £15.95 – Buy Now

If you’re after something a bit subtler, this t-shirt is the one. You’ll let fellow Stranger Things fans know that you’re part of the movement whilst avoiding attracting attention from any of Dr. Brenner’s cronies left around after his death.

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Stranger Things gifts under £30

Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle – £29.99 – Buy Now

A candle with a twist – when it melts, the wax runs out of the figure of Eleven’s nose, mimicking the nosebleeds she gets in the shows when she overexerts herself using her powers. Described as “Possibly the strangest thing we’ve ever created” – this is brilliantly weird.

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The Upside Down Snow Globe – £29.99 – Buy Now

Featuring a miniature ‘Castle Byers’, give it a shake and you’ve created your very own handheld version of the Upside Down.

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Stranger Things gifts for big spenders

Stranger Things OST vinyl boxset – £68.94 – Buy Now

The beautiful vinyl boxset of the Stranger Things season one soundtrack is the perfect gift for any fan of the show – the perfect way to listen to the series’ brilliant musical backdrop.

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