The Strangest Lady Gaga Cover Ever? Quite Possibly

30 Seconds To Mars tried it. Lissie tried it. Glee tried it. And about 45,000 other attention-seekers (according to a handy little YouTube search) attempted to cover Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’. Yes, most of them are utter crap. But hold still, guys, this is the best one that you will ever come across.

Some Chinese satellite channel called Hunan TV just broadcast this bizarre concoction of a cover, performed by a group of Chinese elders (with the help of a dancing, tutu-donning orchestra), who are wheeled onto the stage on some Barbie Fold ‘n Fun House type contraption.

Now, I can’t understand what they’re singing, but according to, this gang suffering from empty nest syndrome swapped the words “I want your love/Love, love, love/I want your love” with “So busy/Busy, busy, busy/So busy“, in honour of their kids who have moved out and left them.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy: