The Best Strokes T-Shirts

Few bands are as sartorially on point as The Strokes. As a fan of NYC’s finest, you’re probably gonna want to look just as cool while still being able to point out your love for the band. Luckily, there’s a whole host of great Strokes t-shirts out there in the world to help you achieve that. We’ve rounded up the best for you to hunt down and add to your wardrobe, from the classic to the rare.

This shirt brings together two elements of The Strokes’ existence – America and sci-fi. The classic baseball style is USA to the core, while the print recalls both Tron and the band’s video for ’12:51′ in its shooting-through-space-grid print.


Any t-shirt that makes The Strokes look like they’re starring in a Hollywood blockbuster is fine by us. Imagine driving past this image on a gigantic billboard – you’d be booking cinema tickets in an instant.

What do you think of when you think of America? Stars and stripes and Strokes, duh. Fly the flag for the country who gave us one of the world’s best bands and show your love for Julian and the boys all at the same damn time. So efficient.

Where would any true Strokes be without this classic design? It’s iconic and instantly recognisable, and still hella stylish all these years after we first saw it.


This t-shirt is a play, intentionally or not, on another legendary New York band’s logo. The pink guitar lead is instantly synonymous with New York Dolls’ classic design, giving a subtle nod to the city’s musical legacy.

Go on holiday with The Strokes (hello, the dream) with this t-shirt, which will help you daydream about days spent lounging under palm trees with the guys, who are, of course, still wearing leather jackets despite the heat.

This t-shirt might be minimal, but it’s not quite as slick-looking as most Strokes-related aesthetics. Still, it’s nice to have a change sometimes and this shirt also doubles as a little nod to one of the five-piece’s best later tracks, ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’.

Such solid blocks of colour. Such strong lines. Such a satisfying font. This is possibly one of the most aesthetically-pleasing Strokes t-shirts of all time, we’d wear it every damn day if we could.

If you went to see The Strokes on tour in 2006 and picked up a treat from the merch stand after, it’s likely it looks like this. Simple as ever, but the yellow and red is a bold combination.