When is The Strokes’ next album coming?

Julian Casablancas & co. should be back soon – so where are they?

It’s been five years since The Strokes‘ last album, ‘Comedown Machine’, and nearly two since their EP ‘Future Present Past’. Here’s what we know so far about their plans for a sixth record.

When is The Strokes’ next album out?

2019 at the earliest.

In January 2018, as he began his new album campaign with The Voidz, Julian Casablancas told Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson: “We’re always talking but I think yeah, if anything it would be 2019 – that zone, but nothing now.”

What songs have The Strokes released since ‘Comedown Machine’?


The band released an EP containing three new tracks in 2016, called ‘Future Present Past’. They were called ‘Drag Queen’, ‘OBLIVIUS’ and ‘Threat of Joy’. Hear them below.

What can we expect from a new Strokes album?

In 2017, the band played music to super-producer Rick Rubin, though Albert Hammond Jr has suggested this was nothing serious. “Even a theoretical album plan would be years away, if at all,” he wrote.


Are The Strokes touring in 2018?


There are no plans yet, but we’ll update this page as and when any new information becomes available.

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