The Strokes: The Making Of ‘Angles’

In 12 days, we’ll have the new album from The Strokes. ‘Angles’ drops on March 21st, and to say there’s some hyped up excitement for it is a bit of an understatement. After Julian Casablancas revealed a joke album cover on his Twitter (and thankfully it was a joke), the band started revealing new songs, free downloads, the real album artwork and a full tracklisting.

They also made a television appearance, performing a few songs on Saturday Night Live:

But if you still want more and can’t wait the 12 days, the band have also unveiled a few behind-the-scenes “making of the album” videos, which you can watch below.

A handheld clip made by the band, giving us a peek inside The Strokes’ studio as they record ‘Angles’. Well, as they blow smoke rings and spin round in chairs…

The band play fight, start a table tennis tournament, and have a homoerotic sing song to Divinyls’ ‘I Touch Myself’.

The band try and lay down a rhythm section but get distracted by Jimi Hendrix and throwing flour in each other’s faces.