The Ten Best Chiptune Covers

Nothing (aside from maybe sad pugs in costumes) sums up the totally amazing / totally pointless dichotomy at the heart of half the internet than the chiptune cover. At first glance a digitised version of a familiar tune is the best thing ever, then about halfway through it becomes questionable, before pretty much vanishing from memory by the time it plays out.

Following on from yesterday’s Super Morrissey Bros, here’s ten more quite good powered-up covers, the post-millenial answers to Panpipe Moods’ 90s comedy value. Add yours below.

The Pixies, ‘Where Is My Mind’

Pink Floyd, ‘Money’

Michael Jackson, ‘Beat It’

(A personal favourite)

The White Stripes, ‘Seven Nation Army’
Journey, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’

(From an actual Atari game)

Foo Fighters, ‘Everlong’
The Killers, ‘Mr Brightside’

Weezer, ‘Buddy Holly’

Muse, ‘Apocalypse Please’

Courtesy of the Guardian’s Tumblr
Daft Punk, assorted tracks

Chiptune collective Da Funk are so into the whole thing they just released a whole second mixtape of Daft Punk covers, with an attention to detail above and beyond most quick fixers. I especially like ‘Harder Better Faster Cheaper’ from this set (via