The Ting Tings On NME Radio – ‘We Were Inspired By Beastie Boys And TLC’

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The Ting Tings recently stopped by the station, after having been away for four years since releasing debut record ‘We Started Nothing’ in 2008. We were told they’d be back at the start of last year and their brand new album was ready. Yet nothing came of it. We spoke with Jules, who revealed that they did in fact have a full album penned and ready to go, but chose not to release it.

Listen to part one of our interview below:

Finally, their album ‘Sounds From Nowheresville’ is ready. In this frank interview, Jules tells of how he is angry at the expectancies on albums for their second albums, and sick of the recording process. Check out part two of the full interview, as aired on NME Radio, here:

Stay tuned for more NME Radio blogs – we have Welsh boys Straight Lines and Howler stopping by soon!