The Tube Returns – Share Your Favourite Music TV Memories

It’s a bit hard to imagine now, and readers of a certain age may stare at this next sentence blanker than Sarah Palin in front of a dictionary, but we used to get our music video fix through the television box thingy in the corner of the room.

Way before YouTube, and before MTV switched to 24-hour My Super Sweet Pregnant Pimp Sanchez broadcasting, there were these things called music TV programs. Segments of airtime either completely or partially dedicated to music performances and interviews. You may remember Top Of The Pops, but there were many others, The White Room, TFI Friday, The O-Zone and The Tube among them.

The latter, a Channel 4 show hosted among others by Peaches Geldof’s mum, is about to be resurrected to mark its 30th anniversary and while it predates my TV memory by some years, it was a pretty big insitution in its time.

Anyway, it got us thinking about our favourite music TV memories, back in the days when interviews were conducted in amusement arcades.

My mate Dave (we all have one) used to make VHS videos of all the best bands. This clip of Eels smashing up toy instruments on Top Of The Pops featured.

As did these, of Jarvis chucking himself out of the window, Noel Gallagher popping round Chris Evans’ house, and Shaun Ryder swearing on live TV.

It’s a veritable goldmine when you start digging back through time and memory. NME’s Paul Stokes brought up the classic Damon Albarn / Ray Davies performance of ‘Waterloo Sunset’ on The White Room, something YouTube can’t deliver, although it does have this nugget, which is so old it even has PEOPLE SMOKING INSIDE.

So what are your top music TV memories? If you’re feeling nostalgic and more than a little glum at the bittersweet reminiscences, make sure to keep watching Jools Holland before that disappears as well, leaving us all with Glee, Cowell, and not much else.