The Tupolev Ghost, Kong, Maths And More: A Free Punk And Hardcore MP3 Bonanza Courtesy Of Offset Festival

Forests: not exactly known for being refuges for angry hardcore kids, right? Well, that’s the case until this weekend’s upcoming Offset Festival. As if it weren’t enough that they have a bona-fide legendary band in the shape of The Slits headlining, there’s a hardcore stage over the two days that features a wealth of good bands. And my personal favourite is, of course, Rolo Tomassi.

That’s them bringing their dominance to a clothes shop. Surreal, yes, but it somehow works. BECAUSE THEY ARE BRILLIANT. What’s more, there’s a veritable bundle of free tunes to be downloaded below. Clickety!

Moreover, there’s The Tupolev Ghost, who you really should be in love with by now. Download ‘Giant Fucking Haystacks’ below and feel the force of that chorus. Seriously, it could slay a family of horses. If you’re lazy, just watch this video.

The likes of The Ghost Of A Thousand and The Plight will be doing that whole grizzled punk’n’roll thing that they both do so well, but I have to say it’s Attack! Vipers! and Maths who are most making me wish I could actually go to the damn thing. Suitably, there’s a tune from each to download below.


The new Dead Swans record is pretty bloody brilliant, so expect them to murder some faces in the forest, and Rinoa just crush when they play live, so go watch them.

Enough chat: on with the free tunes. Download ’em and let me know what you reckon…

Download The Tupolev Ghost‘s ‘Giant Fucking Haystacks’ here

Download Maths‘To Be Frozen’ here

Download Runwalk!‘s ‘Time Is Catching Up With Me’ here

Download Kong‘s ‘Sport’ here


Download Lower Than Atlantis‘Far Q’ here

Download Easy Hips‘White Ace’ here

Download Attack! Vipers!‘s ‘Come Dungeons Deep Or Gallows Grim’ here