The Twin Videos Of Memory Cassette

Here is the nutty video for Surfin’ and Body In The Water, two tracks from the dreamy new Memory Cassette EP, Call & Response. The mysterious Mr Cassette (AKA Weird Tapes AKA Memory Tapes AKA Dayve Hawk) told me about his record made of pairs.

Memory Cassette – Surfin’/Body In The Water

“The idea of the EP was to take two old songs (one for each side) and then record a response to the tracks; so Surfin got Body In The Water and Asleep At A Party got Last One Awake. The two older tracks are much older than people realize, they were recorded in about 1998, while I was a senior in high school.

“Surfin’ was about my obsession with music. I hated the sound of my voice so much that I didn’t record anything with vocals for years after. It’s very weird that the stuff is coming out now but fun in a way as well.”

The Call & Response EP is available now on Acephale Records. Watch the slightly more chilled video for the other tracks, Asleep At A Party and Last One Awake over at Pinglewood.

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