Take NME’s Ultimate Oasis Quiz

What sort of fruit did Liam hurl at Noel during the apocalyptic backstage bust-up that ended the band? Who played lead guitar on ‘Champagne Supernova’? What were the band called before they were called Oasis?

Find these questions and more in our Ultimate Oasis Quiz, a giant’s shoulder-sized slab of Gallagher-based trivia that’ll sort the Definitelys from the Maybes and the Guigsys from the Digsys.

Chances are if you’re a regular visitor around these parts you’ll be quite au fait with the British rock ‘n’ roll greats, who formed in Manchester in 1991, smashed into the charts with 1994’s debut ‘Definitely Maybe’, gave us two of Britpop’s most enduring soap operas (the rivalry with Blur, the love-hate relationship between Liam and Noel), its defining event (the Knebworth shows in ’96) and its most monolithically coked-up album (the same year’s ‘Be Here Now’). They split in 2009 and, judging by some of the letters we receive, plenty of you lot would like to see them make a swift return, thanks very much.

So, if you think you know everything there is to know about the Manchester musical legends, now’s the chance to prove it. Click below to take the quiz, see where you rank among the Oasis superfans, share your results and challenge your mates too.

The question is, will you be left feeling supersonic, or will you be crying your heart out?