The Video That Made Me Laugh Until I Cried Today

I just got back from reading the news downstairs at NME Radio, where presenter Iain Baker showed me this video just as we were waiting to go on air.

I laughed so hard a few tears actually dropped onto Iain’s control deck and I had to apologise. It’s an interview with London indie fops Raygun, who I’m far too open-minded to deride simply because they’ve supported Pink and Newton Faulkner.

You could probably put the heroic lack of self-awareness demonstrated in this clip down to the folly of youth, but it shouldn’t stop you guffawing like you’re going to shatter a window when you hear some of the quotes.

“If you stuck Iggy Pop, James Brown and David Bowie and Shirley Bassey in a lift, then you’d probably have our band,” they offer.

Elaborating on their creative process, they say: “I’ll be at home knocking up some beats… then we kind of get together and mash two types of songs. A hybrid of styles. Delia Smith style.”

Oh, just watch it.