The Virgins – Teen Lovers (The Shoes Remix) – Free MP3

Another remix for you all, this time courtesy of French DJs The Shoes. After providing us with one of the best club tunes of last summer (‘Knock Out’) they’ve turned their attention to The Virgins‘ next single.

The Virgins

I don’t know if it’s the counting to eight in the track that appealed to The Shoes (‘Knock Out’ did the same), but it works pretty well, putting their vintage synth funk on a quasi-disco treadmill and adding a Daft Punky stomp.

If you need an introduction to The Virgins they introduced themselves when they stormed the roof of NME last year:

Then they dropped down into the office to check out their Radar feature:

Everything else you need to know: The Virgins’ UK tour begins April 14, and full dates are on their MySpace. They’re also playing a one-off at KOKO on March 27. ‘Teen Lovers’ is out Feb 23, ‘Rich Girls’ (best track) April 6 and the eponymous album April 13. The Shoes, meanwhile, are here.

I’ve got a Virgins T-shirt and two tickets to the KOKO gig on March 27 to give away. Comment this up and have a guess about how many cans of Red Bull I’ve got by my desk (we get a LOT). Closest answer wins.

Download The Shoes‘ remix of Teen Lovers here

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