‘The Walking Dead’ – How To Butcher Meat Like Rick Grimes

To survive in the zombie-filled wasteland of The Walking Dead, the show’s band of gloomy not-so-gentlefolk have to know their butchery. To celebrate The Walking Dead season six arriving on Bluray and DVD, NME was invited to learn how best to slice up a 40kg side of pork like the show’s main man Rick Grimes. Here’s what we learnt…


1. Check for disease

There’s no room for squeamishness in The Walking Dead. Before getting started with the meat, you’ll need to slice open a kidney to make sure it’s not infected with anything. Check for spots or inflammation.

2. Keep your tools sharp (and clean)

You’d probably do this anyway with zombies around, but ideally you’d keep your butchery tools separate from your zombie-hacking ones. To cut through bone you’ll need a saw, and for the flesh it’s a good idea to have a cleaver, a large and a small knife. Sharpen at a 25º angle to keep them sharp and straight.

3. Divide meat into manageable chunks

For a side of pig, you’ll first divide it into shoulder, loin and leg. Use a saw to cut through the spine and any other bones (this is a sad, crunchy experience). Then use a very sharp knife on the flesh, to make the cuts as clean as possible.

4. Waste not, want not

When the villainous Negan’s about, food is scarce. That’s why, when there’s meat, you’ll need to make the most of it. As well as the loin, bacon and the ribs you’ll find on a pig, there’s also good meat in the cheeks, ears and trotters. Yummy…

5. Roll the joint

We learnt how to roll pork loins. After you’ve divided the whole loin into more manageable slices, you’ll need to cut away the baby back ribs and any other bone.

Then roll any excess fat under the bottom of the loin, score the fat, and truss it up with string. Now it’s ready to cook.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 26th September 2016, courtesy of Entertainment One.