The Wombats’ Murph – Christmas Q&A

Murph chats Chrimbo with the fam, tampons and his NME album review.

What are your Christmas plans then?
We stop touring on the 13th December and I think I might to Dubai for a few days. Then Christmas at home with mum and dad…


And your highlight of 2011?
Probably Glastonbury – we were worried if anyone was gonna be there and then we walked on stage and we couldn’t see a single bit of green on the field.

And lowlight?
Probably a day off we had about a week ago. We played the night before and had a massive session; I was really hungover and walking along a freeway when some kid started getting my legs with a BB gun. I totally shat myself and then realised what it was; I’ve still got a massive bruise on my thigh.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you this year?
I embarrassed myself around Kirsten Dunst at Glastonbury; that was pretty horrible. She asked me if I’d just played and what band I was in and was like “Oh, I just saw you, it was really good”. And then there was this awkward silence so I went “I like your films” and she just looked awkward, said “Thanks” and walked off.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
I don’t really want anything to be honest. Another awkward moment with Kirsten Dunst?

And your messiest New Year’s Eve story?
In 2008 I fell down a flight of stairs and headbutted a radiator, then in 2009 I was in Bulgaria and we were partying with basically the Bulgarian mafia. When it got to midnight they all started shooting stuff into the sky…

What’s the true meaning of Christmas?
I don’t really think there is one – it’s not my favourite time of year. Actually I know, the true meaning is having a fucking massive cheese comedown.

What’s the weirdest present a fan’s given you?
We’ve had a few tampons thrown onstage – that was a bit weird, maybe you wouldn’t describe that as a present…

And what’s made you happiest and what’s pissed you off the most this year?
Happiest was probably our NME album review and the most miserable was that day off the other week.