The World Is Going To End This Weekend, According To ‘Ghostbusters II’

If films are to be believed – especially those focusing on a bunch of rogue scientists dressing themselves up as Ghostbusters – then this Valentine’s Day there’s going to be a little more than just love in the air. You may not have thought it, but the Nostradamus-esque Ghostbusters II movie predicted – in a scene where Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman talks to the gang’s HQ receptionist Elaine (played by Annie Potts) – that the world was going to end on Valentines Day, February 14 2016.

Just in case you haven’t realised that’s pretty soon – this Sunday, in fact.

We’ve been here before; the Mayan prophecies of an apocalyptic end to mankind in 2012 were false and, in honesty, we’re sure Elaine’s end of days prediction isn’t that accurate either. Still, if you’re reading come the morning of Monday, February 15, then you can rest easy once more, safe in the knowledge that mankind hasn’t met its demise just yet.


After years of speculation and rumours abound on the internet, the Ghostbusters film will be released this summer. The new all-female team comprises Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon,. The reboot will see Manhattan invaded by ghouls from history, led by Rowan (Neil Casey).

Below, you can feast upon the first pictures of Chris Hemsworth (who plays receptionist Kevin, taking the role from original receptionist Potts) and a promotional shot of the all-female Ghostbusters quartet.


Ghostbusters hits cinemas July 15 in the UK and US. If we’re still alive, that is.