The Wytches Burrow Deeper Into Darkness On New Song ‘Wasteybois’

The Wytches have long been puzzled by their categorization as an indie band. Last year, they told NME they weren’t found of the description because it made it “weird when we start to riff out. It makes our heavy side seem like a weird statement.”

A few months later, frontman Kristian Bell told us all about a new EP to be released this summer, describing its contents as “songs which I don’t think really sound anything like us.” Previously only available for Record Store Day, ‘Wasteybois’ is the first taste of that record – ‘Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve’, due out on August 19 via Scion Audio Visual – and it’ll allay any fears the Brighton trio have swapped doom-y riffs for banging beats.

Instead, they’re burrowing deeper into their sludgy, dark side, Bell delivering throat-busting yells that leave the song’s sentiments largely illegible. His gutteral vocals are enveloped by his own unrelentingly brutal riffs, and his bandmate’s contributions – Gianni Honey’s battering ram drums and Dan Rumsey’s fittingly thunderous bass. It’s taut and highly strung, so thrashed out that it feels like it could all implode at any second. At various points, perhaps to save that from happening, the three break things down to something sparser and eerier, throwing some invention into what could have been very one paced.

The band have already said ‘Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve’ shouldn’t be taken as an indication of what their second album – potentially due for release later this year – will sound like, so be prepared for them to be peddling something completely different when that eventually surfaces. For now, though, ‘Wasteybois’ is an exciting glimpse into the recesses of The Wytches’ minds.