There Was A Member Of Incubus In Justin Bieber’s Live Band

As Justin Bieber continues to earn the respect of all and sundry following a stellar 2015, it really does seem that everyone, regardless of background or taste, likes JB’s hustle these days.

Even rock isn’t immune from Bieber fever: for Jack Ü’s – that’s superstar DJ duo Skrillex and Diplo – performance of their all-conquering hit ‘Where Are Ü Now’ with Bieber at the Grammy’s on Monday, they were joined, rather surprisingly, by Mike Einziger of alt-rock mainstays Incubus and Queens of the Stone Age drummer Jon Theodore.

Talking to Billboard after the awards show, Einziger elaborated a bit on this unlikely collaboration:


“Sonny [Skrillex] contacted me and asked [if he’d play with them]. It was Justin’s first performance at the Grammys, so they just asked me if I would do something special. That was the first time I’d met Justin. I’d spent a lot of time working on the arrangement with Sonny and Diplo, then we went into rehearsals and things kept changing.

“I was really nervous to work with someone of Justin’s pop stature. I didn’t know Justin or how he would react to the song. But he was very nice and gracious and said ‘thank you’ before he even heard the song. Justin started singing and right off the bat it sounded awesome. Then after we finished a run-through, he looked at me and said, ‘This is awesome, thanks for doing this.’ We felt like a band.”

So, there you have it – even members of Incubus get nervous in the presence of Bieber. Although noncommittally suggesting that “stranger things have happened” when asked about the possibility of the supergroup going out on the road, judging by the positive reaction they received on the night, JB Ü-cubus of the Stone Age could possibly be pulling up to a town near you very soon.

Here’s the fiery performance in full:

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