There’s Something Weird About This Cover Of Justin’ Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Sung In 20 Different Styles

YouTube musician Anthony Vincent, based near New York, runs a channel called 10 Second Songs, on which he posts mad covers of popular songs, usually performing in the styles of loads of different artists. It’s a great schtick and he does a bang-up job every time. Just look at his manic run-through of Adele’s ‘Hello’.

For his latest trick, Vincent has taken on former NME cover star Justin Bieber’s stone-cold banger ‘Sorry’. It’s as good as everything he does, and he’s started doing these sort-of comic skits, like the Kanye West versus The Village People bit that happens 3/4 the way through. He shimmies as he sings like Hanson, rolls his hips as Ricky Martin and dons a red as he performs in the style of Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.


Ah, but wait. What’s this? There’s a discrepancy here. There’s been some kind of mix-up. Anthony Vincent has gone wrong. He opens the video with the words: “Last month I put up a Facebook status asking you all to list who you felt were the greatest musical artists. Using only your suggestions, I made the following the video.” Like, that’s some stellar #engagement right there, but let’s look at some of the greatest artists who made the cut for Vincent’s video.

– Michael Bolton
– Sisqo
– David Hasselhoff
– Limp Bizkit
– Ricky Martin (fair one)

Sure, no-one wants to imagine a musical landscape not shaped and defined by Michael Bolton and Milli Vanilli, but are these musicians the greatest? Can we please hang out with the people who rate Sisqo above The Beatles? Well, there’s no accounting for taste, but we can probably all agree Vincent’s video is a banger.

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