From #TheresaMayGifs to Corbyn’s middle finger – the best memes from last night’s TV debate

The 'Battle For Number 10' General Election debate was perfect fodder for meme-hungry voters.

With the 2017 election campaign entering warp-speed, the meme-hounds among us are rubbing their hands with glee. Last night saw Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May take to the telly-box in Battle For Number 10 – a Jeremy Paxman-hosted debate which was prime for internet madness. From #TheresaMayGifs to Jeremy Corbyn appearing to give the finger, here’s all the best memes from last night’s TV debate.


Blundering her way from misstep to misstep, Theresa May’s performance on the televised debate was leapt upon by the meme brigade. Her catastrophic, waffling reaction to every question posed to her was brilliantly summed up with #TheresaMayGifs – a hashtag that quickly trended. Not a great evening for the Tory social media manager, then.


Corbyn gives the finger

Corbyn’s no stranger to a zinger or two (more on that below), but one carelessly handled middle finger almost derailed his debate. When quizzed on whether he was the right person to be taking up residence in Number 10, Jez made a point of noting that using his ears was just as important to him as being a good speaker. Unfortunately, he used his third finger to point towards his mouth – a mishap that that the internet just couldn’t let slip.


This one’s a little less nuanced, but no less brilliant – one unsuspecting audience member was caught on tape, mouthing his displeasure with Theresa May and her claims of “putting more money into the NHS”. ‘Bollocks’, indeed.


Theresa May’s one man standing ovation

Not everyone thought Theresa had fluffed her half of the debate, mind – she had a grand total of one fan in the studio audience, who provided her with the most awkward standing ovation of the whole election run.

Corbyn vs. Paxman vs. The Queen

Old Jez has already proven himself a dab hand with the pithy one-liners, but last night really took the crown. When quizzed for the billionth time by Jeremy Paxman on whether he wanted to abolish the monarchy, Corbyn delivered a no-nonsense put-down.

Paxman’s repeated questioning of Corbyn’s republican views received some flak online, too, with many accusing him of taking it a lot easier on Theresa May once it was her turn in the hot-seat.

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