These AC/DC Fans Want Their Money Back

Hells bells, Axl Rose fronting AC/DC? Well I never, what great news for rock fans everywhere! Those lucky ticket-holders, they must be thrilled! Wait, what… they’re not? What possible problems could Acca Dacca fans have with the (actually quite similar) Guns ‘N’ Roses singer stepping into Brian Johnson’s shoes for a song or twenty? Well, quite a few it turns out…

It all stems from longtime frontman Johnson’s sudden hearing problems. Doctors have told him to quit touring immediately or face going totally deaf. So, sensibly, he’s kicked the live shows to the kerb. Much to the masses’ disappointment.

Yup, AC/DC loyalists certainly don’t have much appetite for destruction because most have been bombarding the band’s Twitter for a refund. And they’ve been none too polite about it either. Have a look for yourself, and remember, Back In Black lives matter too.

The ‘we hate Axl’ mob were out in force

Unlucky mate…

Some were quite specific too…

Others are just sticklers for consumer rights

Not sure if you still want to go? This guy asked the audience

You’ll be in good company if you do decide to stay home

Some got so angry they forgot how to spell Axl Rose…

Others spotted the chance for a bargain

But most, most were just sad

They needn’t have been worried though, because their wish has finally been granted! That’s right, ticket-holders have received an email from See Tickets that reads: “You have the opportunity to request a refund of your ticket.”

Better be quick though, as the money back option will only “be available from now until 5pm on Friday, May 6.”

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