These British Pokémon Fans Are Losing Their Minds Waiting For The New ‘Pokémon Go’ App

The Pokémon Go app has been made available in several countries around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, but the UK and US still haven’t received it in phone app stores – though it is being rolled out today (July 6). It’s an ‘augmented reality’ game where you can walk around and catch the collectible battle-monsters and became a worldwide phenomenon in the late nineties. Now, if you’ve got the app and go to to the sea with your phone, you’ll encounter water Pokémon, apparently. This is what the interface looks like:

Like the Gameboy/DS games, as you walk around you can challenge other ‘trainers’ – only now it’ll be app users, and you can ‘battle’ them in the street. It may sound absolutely mad to people who’ve never played (or heard of) Pokémon, but there are plenty of British fans who are desperate to get playing. You can find a sneaky Android workaround at the bottom of this page if you really can’t wait the few hours it’ll take for the app to be released here – but otherwise just check out all the impatient Pokéfans below.

Sarah is getting more impatient than Troy off Community.

Is Josh’s meme a Pokémon? Maybe it should be a Pokémon.

The wait is making Louise feel older.

And Frankie feels like this huffy Squirtle.

James’ Aussie friends are being very inconsiderate.

And Kiran’s just mad.

Daniel, meanwhile… Daniel will probably be fine.

Anyway – if any of these guys are Android users, here’s the piece of information they’ve been waiting for.

Find out how to get Pokemon Go in the UK on Android and Apple ahead of the official release.