These Creepy Slipknot Figurines May Be The First Must-Have Toys Of 2016

Sometimes an Action Man doesn’t quite cut it. Here, instead, are surely the year’s must-have toys: masked Iowan metalheads Slipknot have released figurines of themselves. The products, which unlike some toys do not promise any educational value, have been made available to buy through the band’s website and are probably the most desirable objects of their kind since the weird Star Wars rip-offs that took the internet by storm shortly before Christmas.

Frontman Corey Taylor, with the gaping chasm that is his mouth hole, can probably claim to have the most horrifying figurine, though guitarist Mick Thompson’s slate grey metal grill makes him an unlikely contender for your young relative’s birthday present. For the avoidance of doubt: that definitely doesn’t mean you should buy them Dicknose instead.

The toys were appearing on Slipknot’s German website but now seem to have disappeared, so it’s probable they’ve sold out – for now. Little wonder. The band last released an album in 2014, the more experimental ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’, a doomy affair that grappled with the death of former bassist Paul Gray in 2010.