These DIY Netflix Socks Pause Your Boxset When You Fall Asleep

There’s little more irritating than nodding off during an episode of your favourite Netflix show only to wake up 17 series later without a clue what’s going on.

Well, fear not telly addicts. Everyone’s favourite streaming service has found a solution to your first-world woes – and it’s of the knitted variety.

Netflix Socks automatically detect when you’ve fallen asleep and pause the programme you’re watching, to save you waking up all dozed and confused. Never again will you have to spend hours scrolling back through episodes, cursing at all the spoilers you see along the way.


There is one little catch though – you’re going to have to make them yourself. With your hands.

A selection of knitting patterns for your perfect socks and instructions on how to make the whizzy circuit thing that powers them are all available on the Netflix website as part of their ‘Make It’ series. Other DIY guides include ‘The Switch’ – a magic button which claims to order you a takeaway, dim your lights and silence your phone in one click.

Sold? Well then we guess all that’s left for you to do is print out the instructions, learn to knit, find that Arduino microcontroller that’s been kicking about the house and maybe order a batch of IR LEDs (because who’s ever got enough of them). Hey presto, you’re all set.

Alternately, just remember to hit pause before you fall asleep.


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