These EDM DJs Trolling Ravers With Spandau Ballet Are Seriously Funny

Picture the scene: it’s the early hours of the morning at a festival in the peak time window for getting absolutely out of your mind. You’re with your mates and you’ve located the perfect DJ set to facilitate maximum hedonism. The DJ whips the crowd up into a frenzy as you all simultaneously wait for the drop and then… “ba da da da daaaa, you know this much is true”.

Yep, at The Good Life festival in Brisbane, established Aussie EDM DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher (props on the name) totally trolled a huge crowd by dropping Spandau Ballet’s schmaltzy slow-dance favourite ‘True’ at the pinnacle of their set. The result is, predictably, hilarious.

If you’ve ever wondered what a room full of confused ravers looks like, then seek no further…