These Fans Are Confused And Upset By The First Episode Of ‘American Horror Story’ Season Six

Didn’t stay up until the middle of the night watching the first episode of season six of American Horror Story? Never fear – the social media reviews are in. Every series of the horror anthology focuses on a different theme, from a haunted house to a freak show, and this time show-runner Ryan Murphy has opted to revolve a tale around a lost colony. It’s called My Roanoke Nightmare and last night’s episode dispensed with the mania and high-camp we’ve come to expect from AHS.

Framed as a true crime documentary, it stars Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding, Jr, with events kicked off by a gang-related crime. It’s been described as “uncharacteristically restrained” and “an injection of fresh blood into what was becoming a decaying formula”. Yet there were three ingredients missing: regular star Evan Peters, a theme tune and a preview of the next episode. These may seem like minor omissions, but many fans were hurt and confused.



Ali’s never gonna dance again

Even Harry’s upset, and he’s the chilled one from 1D

@asiancrackbaby wants a word

Though @SollyHolly makes a good point


We wish cynthia would be less vague here

Meanwhile, Steve summed up the Twittersphere’s general mood about the opening of AHS season six

And remember: you can make up your own mind when the episode airs in the UK on Fox tomorrow night!