These Fans Just Want To Give Alex Turner A Hug

Some people think that Alex Turner has gone wrong. If you cast your mind back to the Arctic Monkeys and Last Shadow Puppets front man’s early days as a scruffy, Fred Perry-clad teenager in Sheffield, you can see why fans might now look at his velour track suits, sort-of American accent and deeply strange dancing and conclude that he’s become a rock’n’roll casualty.

Well, yes, it sometimes does look a bit that way – but we should all be so lucky to go that wrong. Blimey, it looks fun. The Last Shadow Puppets’ played a show at Newcastle City Hall last night and it became the latest Alex Turner performance to get tongues wagging. When he wasn’t rolling around on the floor, he was shaking his mic stand over his head like this:

Maeve enjoyed it.

Let’s see that from another angle:

While we’re at it, here’s that floor dance he indulged in:

Jan posed a pertinent question:

While other fans, just wanting what’s best for Alex, expressed an interest in giving him a hug.

Alex Turner: having the time of his life or in desperate need of a hug? Draw your own conclusions, readers. Let’s give the last word to Callum, who put a more positive spin on the whole shebang.