These Kids Can’t Handle Radiohead’s ‘Burn The Witch’ Video

Although on the outside, the video for Radiohead‘s ‘Burn The Witch’ from ‘A Moon Shaped Pool‘ seemed like a rather pleasant homage cult TV ‘60s TV show Trumpton, in fact there was a rather sinister message underneath – and these kids just couldn’t handle it.

The ‘not-so-innocent’ looking video actually takes inspiration from the 1973 horror flick, The Wickerman and one of the very skilled animators for the video claimed that it also tackled the migrant crisis in Europe. Dark stuff indeed.

YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment showed the video to a variety of children and filmed their reactions. It is a fair assessment to say to say that they did not enjoy it and that a few may need some counselling following the experience. Before it started, Raquel let her feelings be known “I don’t like these kind of videos”, but the majority of the responses ranged from bewilderment “I don’t get it” to downright fear – “that’s so scary” says Gabe, aged 9. Although his fears were eased when the scorched wax-work walked relatively unharmed from a fire. Royel however, wasn’t feeling it at all, concluding: “well, I’m traumatised”.

If that has scarred him, please can we make sure no-one shows him the video for ‘Firestarter‘.

Watch the original video below.