These Knitted Morrissey Dolls Are The Coolest Thing You Won’t Be Able To Get Your Hands On This Christmas

How great are these hand-stitched Morrissey dolls? Sadly, in a fitting Morrisseyian twist of happiness being dangled in front of you then swiftly yanked away, you unfortunately won’t be able to get your hands on one anytime soon: since talented creator Kate Park’s Knitted Moz creations went viral a few days ago, she’s had to stop taking orders for the dolls on her website and temporarily shut down her email to get up to date with requests. That won’t stop us marvelling at them, or having fun with terrible Smiths knitting puns for that matter (How sewn is now! And so on…) Some even come with microphones, flowers and removable shirts. Check them out at Kate’s website now.