These New Puritans – ‘Music From The Next Room’ Mix – Exclusive Stream

In this week’s NME, fierce Essex eccentrics These New Puritans talk to us about entrenching their position proudly outside of the musical mainstream. To mark the occasion, we’re happy to present this new mix the band have put together, with an introduction by Jack Barnett:

“This mix is divided into two halves. When you hear the sound of the sea and pebbles on a beach, then the 1st Half is ending and the 2nd Half is beginning. Jack

1st Half

1. Blue Jam Intro – Chris Morris (We used this as an intro-tape for the early Hidden-era shows. It would always make me laugh a bit).

2. Boogie Nights (excerpt) – Heatwave

3. Love Theme from Chinatown (Main Title) – Jerry Goldsmith

4. Wayfaring Stranger (Live on Buck Owen’s Ranch Show) – JD Sumner & The Stamps Quartet (A recommendation by Adrian Peacock, basso profundo and one of the lowest voices in Britain, during recording sessions for Field of Reeds. Low basses is a weird world that we got involved in; see internet videos for candidates for lowest voice in the world and the controversial phenomenon known as ‘frying’).

5. Verily, He Is Worthy (excerpt) – The Orthodox Singers

6. Song to the Siren – Tim Buckley

7. Reflections on the Spiral – Blue-Eyed Hawk (A young British jazz group I’ve got into recently).

8.Sheriff of Hong Kong – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band (Undoubtedly the music that has had the greatest influence on me. When I was a teenager before TNP I learnt a lot of the guitar parts from this album and Ice Cream For Crow amongst others).

9. Paradise – Dr Feelgood (A band from round where we’re from, and a big influence in our early days especially, when we covered She Does It Right).

2nd Half

10. On The Beach At Cambridge (excerpt) – Adrian Mitchell (+ field recordings of pebbles by me, the Atlantic Ocean by Graham Sutton)

11. Embarkation – Yazz Ahmed (Yazz plays flugelhorn and trumpet in our live band).

12. 心 – Salyu X Salyu (Salyu sang with us in Japan earlier in the year after we invited her to do so. This is from her collaboration with Cornelius. We got into her through the film All About Lily Chou-Chou, which is about a Japanese fictional pop-star. She was the voice on Lily Chou-Chou’s songs, that’s how she started. She told us about how she’d go to the recording studio after school when she was 15 or 16).

13. Funeral Song, Solomon Islands 1978 – recorded by David Fanshawe) (I used this field recording by David Fanshawe in our remix for Björk last year. It is a funeral song sung by the women of a melanesian village. The fact of it being a recording of a real event really struck me and the details in the sound that come from that had an influence on the new album).

14. Sonhos – Elisa Rodrigues (Elisa sings on the new album and is in the live band. I knew there were female vocal parts, and a female perspective in the music to counter my voice, but I didn’t know who it would be. Then I found Elisa. She flew over for a bit to sing the songs.)

15. Los Angeles – Frank Black

16. Here – Michel van der Aa (Michel worked on the new album. I think there is some cross-over in our musical universes. Our use of breaking glass as a recurring thing, his use of breaking branches…)

17. Dulce Calor – Altocamet (This was produced by Graham Paul Sutton, AKA Good King Mavros, who worked on Field of Reeds, during his Argentinian exile. He came back for the recording of F–o–R).

18. Dame Tu Boca – Javier Ruibal (with excerpts of Boogie Nights – Heatwave; Metastaesis – Iannis Xenakis; Aura – Miles Davis)”

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These New Puritans are on tour later this month:

11 October – MANCHESTER, Gorilla
12 October – BRISTOL, Simple Things Festival
15 October – LONDON, Electric Brixton
17 October – GLAGOW, Oran Mor
18 October – GATESHEAD, Sage
19 October – LEEDS, Belgrave Music Hall