Twitter – and Katy Perry – share thoughts on the big Jamiroquai comeback

After announcing their first album in seven years, even Katy Perry is getting on board the Jay Kay revival.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment Jamiroquai went from silly bloke in a hat to a cherished musical icon, but a sea change has happened. Yesterday (January 17), the Jay Kay-led outfit teased what looks like their first album in seven years, coupled with new tour dates and — most importantly — the grand unveiling of a new hat.

The group’s last album was 2010’s ‘Rock Dust Light Star’, and yesterday’s teaser suggests they’ve updated their funk strut for Stranger Things-style synths and a nod to the TRON soundtrack.

Coming to a planet near you,” they declared, which some took to be great news, while others deemed it an ominous warning of the year ahead. Make no mistake, Jamiroquai are still a divisive act, and Jay Kay will always be the bloke who was headbutted by a pap. But some people are getting seriously excited for this year’s revival.

Katy Perry is getting in on the act


Watch out Pharrell, Jay Kay has a new biggest fan

Others are professing their love for all things funk

The world’s gone mad. It’s (virtual) insanity.


But let’s be honest, he’s still a divisive chap

Seven albums to the good, and many still can’t find a single thing to love about Jamiroquai.

Nobody quite knows what to make of his new attire

You used to know what to expect from Jay Kay. A weird, furry, oversized top hat was his thing. But now he’s sporting some kind of space-age headwarmer made of glowing crystals that presumably make him telepathic. Fair enough.

Some people are generally just a bit confused

But it’s ok. This won’t be the weirdest event of 2017.