These People Bossed The Torrential Rain At This Weekend’s Festivals

As the festival season gets properly underway, the one undesirable constant of British summertime has reared its lovable head: the bad weather at the weekend caused a number of smaller events to be called off, but that didn’t stop thousands having some fun in the mud at Parklife, Download and Field Day. If it didn’t rain it wouldn’t feel like a proper British festival – so here are some of the best techniques used this past weekend to ignore the weather and make the most of festival vibes.

1. Throw yourself in the mud

If you’re already covered in the stuff, you can’t get any wetter can you? It’s foolproof.

2. Pretend you’re at the seaside

Even though this guy’s face doesn’t seem to agree, his ice cream probably made dealing with the rain a lot easier.

3. Go for a nap

Sometimes you just need to have a little sit down and collect your thoughts. Comes with the added extra of saving some energy for the later acts.

4. Pretend you’re a pirate

Just in case the waters do get a little bit too choppy, you need to be prepared to ride The Black Pearl from one stage to another. Ahoy!

5. The classic combo

Look how happy he is with his wellies and poncho! Sometimes the simple things in life work the best.

BálorWonderland #download2016 #download

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6. Repeat #1 with friends

You can apologise to your washing machine later.

These guys tho. #downloadfestival #festival #download2016 #muddy #mud #yourmotherwontbehappy

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7. Pretend you’re a horse

Everyone knows horses love banging beats and a bit of a shower every now and then… right?

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8. Take shifts in positivity

Get by with a little help from your friends.

9. Grow some gills

Bravo to whoever these tents belong to: you have completed festival life.