These people missed out on Ed Sheeran tickets, and there’s going to be hell to pay

It's a cruel world

Ever get the feeling that waiting in a virtual ticket queue might be punishment for something you did in a previous life? Many Ed Sheeran fans are suffering today, after they missed out on tickets for his ‘Divide’ tour. Tickets went on sale at 10am, and they were all gone within minutes. Needless to say, there are a few outpourings of grief on Twitter today.

It’s a cruel, unforgiving world. If you missed out, take solace in the fact that ‘÷’ comes out in just over a month (March 3). That’s good news, right? And don’t forget – it’s rumoured that Sheeran will headline Glastonbury at the end of June. Everything’s going to be OK. Honestly.

From the ticketless and pissed off to the exceptionally lucky few, here’s some tweets from those who spent this morning refreshing every site going for a piece of Sheeran.


Some are convinced they’re destined to never see him live…

Kirin has more chance of flying to the moon via jetpack than snagging a Sheeran ticket.

While others are quick to point the finger at greedy, profiteering touts.


Tears are flowing. Fair enough.

Even some of Sheeran’s most devoted supporters missed out.

Congrats if you managed to get a ticket, but…

I mean, this sounds like foul play.

Sod Mo Farah’s heroics – this is what it’s all about.

Just do what Will did – wake up drunk and pick a random city. That always works.

It’s harder to find those who did get tickets than those who didn’t.

Most of you are sobbing right now, but Soph is happy!

And Hannah literally doesn’t need to do anything in her life ever again – she’s peaked.

Persistence is key, apparently.

Sasha is looking on the bright side – at least she taught herself a few new tricks this morning