These People Fell In Love With Skepta’s Mum Last Night

People say Skepta won at The Mercury Prize last night, but they’re wrong. Skepta’s mum, in fact, won at the awards show, where her son got the gong for his album Konnichiwa. She did a little dance to celebrate and the internet went nuts.

Skepta of course purred, “Man’s never been at The Mercurys when it’s ‘Shutdown’, before rolling through a performance of his 2015 hit of the same. He shouted out fellow grime artist and nominee Kano, saying: “We did it bro.” He was gracious about winning the £25,000 prize and said: “I’m just so thankful. I’ve been trying to do this music stuff and work it out for so long.”


Even more endearingly, he revealed that he plans to use the money for a good cause: “I’m going to do something positive, something to help other people feel as happy and as free as me. We’re doing a project right now, actually, building a studio in my old estate to help the young kids do music.”

Even Skepta isn’t as endearing as his mum, though, who’s the toast of the internet thanks to her moves. In a interview she insisted that she didn’t “train” Skepta for success but “raised” him, yet it’s clear where he got his sense of rhythm from.

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