These People Had A Lovely Time At Bjork Last Night – Despite The Nightmare Queue

Bjork is a legend. This much is true. And every legendary artist needs a legendary venue. So, last night, the experimental maverick took to the stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall for a gig of impressive proportions. Backed by strings for a two part gig – the Aurora Orchestra accompanied her through the ‘Vulnicura Strings’ portion of the show, as well as the more esoteric, career-spanning second act – it was one heck of an evening, according to fans, and not just because of Bjork’s amazing headdresses and UV costuming.

That’s also despite the nightmare queues outside the venue, which spun some fans out. Like Peter here:

Briony was also a bit concerned.

But everyone got in. Phew.

And then out came the queen herself, in a ‘jellyfish’ dress. Which is something we can’t quite see Beyonce ever doing.

Patrick knew he was seeing more than a gig. He was seeing art.

And Gareth noticed that it wasn’t just the crowd who was overwhelmed by the majesty of the evening, it was Bjork too.

Bjork plays again on Saturday night (September 24) at Hammersmith Eventim Apollo. If you’re emotionally ready, that is.