These Two Guys Losing It To CHVRCHES In A Muddy Soup Are Glastonbury’s Answer To The Download Dancer

I don’t want to suggest for a moment that Chvrches‘ performance at Glastonbury’s Other Stage wasn’t a gripping one. They’ve been touring almost solidly for the nine months since the release of their second album ‘Every Open Eye’ and their set tonight at the Other Stage – warming up for electronic legends New Order – shows how far they’ve come in the process. They seem totally at ease with their slot – the second highest booking at the second largest stage of the festival – with frontwoman Lauren Mayberry commanding the large space of the stage and getting the crowd moving whenever she wants. They’re clearly on the precipice of something even greater as they end their set with ‘The Mother We Share’.

But even among all the hits of Chvrches’ set – ‘We Sink’, ‘Gun’, ‘Empty Threat’, ‘Leave A Trace’, and triumphant closer ‘The Mother We Share’ among them – the thing that sticks out clearest in my memory are these two men, who totally lost themselves in ‘Clearest Blue’, the underrated highlight of ‘Every Open Eye’. It reminds me of the guy dancing in the even worse mud of Download Festival earlier this month, who vogued out in every way possible to Finnish metal band Nightwish – but somehow this is even better. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s two of them; maybe it’s the fact that they do the aeroplane; maybe it’s the fact that ‘Clearest Blue’ is a banger. Whatever it is, I’m into it.