18 Things Only Original Pokémon Fans Know To Be True

Pokémon Go might be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for some, but for others it’s their first chance to experience the Pokémon phenomena that originally gripped the world in the late ’90s and early ’00s. There were no hazards of armed robberies, server crashes or finding dead bodies, but the original generations will know all of these things to be true about the original Pokémon experience.

1. Before we had smartphones, GPS and internet hacks, in the UK it all kicked off with the cards, Poké battles and endless swapsies

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2. The cards were the ONLY way to play though

3. And you took great pride in your extensive card collection

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4. Even if large sections merely consisted of those pesky Energy cards

5. Pokémon trades were frequent in the school playground… until that one kid got ripped off and cards were banned

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6. You bought the backwards cap, fingerless gloves and tried your very very best to be Ash

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7. When Pokémon arrived on Game Boy to the UK in 1998 – the game changed forever

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8. You obviously had Red and Blue, completed them several times but kept going back for more

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9. Yellow was a welcome addition to the original group – but your heart lay with the original two


10. The rumours about Lavender Town and it’s psychologically damning soundtrack creeped you out – so the volume was duly turned down

11. The biggest issue were not server issues – but your saved game becoming corrupted. You can blow the Game Boy cartridge as much as you like, it won’t fix it.

12. When the TV show arrived in the UK, it became a staple of your Saturday morning viewing routine

13. There were legendary episodes, but although you knew the seizure-inducing ricks, you always wanted to see banned episode ‘Dennō Senshi Porygon’


Warning: The above clip does contain flashing images that may be unsuitable for some viewers

14. You still don’t know what the hell Jynx was all about

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15. Guessing right the teaser in ‘Who’s That Pokémon?’ during the show was basically all that mattered in the world

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16. The first film and ONLY the first film was your generation’s cinematic masterpiece – or at least you thought so at the time


17. And Pikachu healing Ash in the film with tears was the saddest shit you’d ever seen


18. But ultimately, you were there from the beginning, and probably, very nearly caught ‘em all

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