Thinking Outside The Record Box – 16 Innovative Ways To Store Your Vinyl

Sure, you could keep your burgeoning record collection stored neatly in boxes or on overloaded shelves. But where’s the fun in that? With vinyl sales continuing to soar, here’s a couple of smart ways to display your 7″s at home in style – some you can buy, others of which simply require a bit of DIY inspiration…

Deepercrates by Stu Loxley

The Deepercrates modular collection by UK designer Stu Loxley allows you to stack crates “in an almost infinite amount” of ways. Laying flat, standing up, er… horizontally? Keep up with Deepercrates on Instagram.

Wall Frames


Throw that 100m swimming certificate in the bin and relegate that nice picture of your Nan in her garden to the top drawer, ‘cos there’s a new king of the wall decoration in town. While there’s a number of wall frames to hold your vinyl on the market, most only fit one LP – which would be like choosing your favourite child. This handmade frame found on Etsy, however, fits 15 so you can have a whole brood. It’s made from 100% reclaimed pallet wood and has a natural beeswax finish.

1960s Record Boxes

Keep that eclectic collection tidy in a couple of vintage 1960s record boxes. Vinyl Junction stock lots, with prices ranging from £22 – £65.

Upcycled Furniture

Get all Blue Peter and head to any reclamation yard, car boot sale or online forum like Gumtree or Freecycle with a tape measure and an open mind. Removing or re-fitting shelves in an abandoned cupboard or forgotten TV unit can easily create the right amount of space for your 12″s. This one comes on wheels.

Vintage Magazine Racks


An eBay search for ‘vintage magazine rack’ throws up a veritable treasure trove of storage treats. From embossed brass to floral side plates and classic wire frames, you need never store anything in a boring old box ever again. At the time of writing, this one was listed at just £2.99

Old Bookcases

Take advantage of the depressing rise of Kindles by snapping up some cut-price redundant bookcases and transforming them into a home for your LPs. This beautiful mahogany set up was originally used as a primary school bookcase. Thrifty.

IKEA Hacks, From Expedit To Kallax

When IKEA announced that they were discontinuing their much-loved Expedit range and replacing it with the Kallax series, vinyl enthusiasts went into mourning. A year on, the webspace still dedicated to ‘Ikea hacks’ is testament to the Swedish flat-pack monoliths continued reign as vinyl storage champs. Cheap, a perfect 12″ fit and endlessly customisable, here’s a hacked Expedit bed frame which could easily be updated with the Kallax series.

An IKEA Toy Bin

Why stick with the Kallax crowd? This Ikea toy bin hack has a retro 60s feel and looks way cooler than sticking a load of containers on your wall rightly should.

Second-Hand Library Trolley

Want to keep your collection in view at all times? Seek out a second hand library trolley and drag your stack from room to room. And if you really start getting into the library vibe, then you can always issue your mates with a card and fine them if they borrow your records for too long.

Vintage Bar Carts

For a smaller, more stylish option, then you could always repurpose a vintage bar cart. This one is more bar, less records, which is no bad thing. With a few old wine crates either side as extra storage boxes, you’ve got a party waiting to happen.

The ‘Now Playing’ Shelf

Reddit user coolhottub2000 has got it going on. His homemade ’70s prog den’ not only features a thrift store cabinet, fake plant and ‘eye level’ shelving but a sweet little shelf for his ‘now playing’ record of choice. It’s currently displaying his best find: a Japanese repress of the rare 1973 Italian prog LP ‘Zarathustra’ by Museo Rosenbach.

The Half Cube by Urban Outfitters

For those who are after a modern twist on wire frame magazine racks, then look no further than Urban Outfitters’ half cube. It’s a perforated steel vinyl rack that holds up to 70 records: ideal.

Scrub Up An Old Pallet

If you’re feeling crafty, you could channel your inner DIY god(dess) and sand down an old pallet. You might need to pull off and reposition a few boards, but it shouldn’t take long. This handmade rack stores nearly 100 LPs and costs barely anything.

Go Punk

Or just go full on DIY, bash together a wooden box (safety first, mind) and stencil on whatever you like. With a hard-as-nails punk vibe, no one need ever know about those secret Mumfords 7″s hidden at the back.

The Vintageware Store, Hereford

Based in Hereford, The Vintageware Store have your upcycling needs covered. They’ve got a whole host of fancy record cabinets on offer, including this one which comes decorated with a geometric mountain range design. Prices range from £150 – £350.

Hi Phile Record Cabinets by Tamar Berk

Tired of squashing her vinyl collection onto bookshelves, designer Tamar Berk created the bespoke Hi Phile Record Cabinet. Based in Portland, Oregon, the small studio produces handmade units inspired by record shop display cases that store up to 600 records. Find out more on her website.