This Algorithm Has Worked Out Who Will Die Next In ‘Game Of Thrones’

After months of teases, several trailers and endless theories about whether Jon Snow is actually dead, Game Of Thrones will make its majestic return to TV screens this weekend. The sixth series will pick up where the last finished – with Jon Snow dead (?), the White Walkers charging towards the wall, Daenerys heading to new pastures and Arya possibly blind. So lots to answer, then.

But one of the things we know is going to happen is that people will die. It’s in the show’s DNA to build a character up as a potential hero and then cut them down quicker than they can say ‘Winter Is Coming’. Now, without any books to lean on for plot lines, the show’s creators will for the first time be creating original story lines for the saga and most importantly becoming the show’s potential executioners.

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While we’re still itching to get the latest going-ons in Westeros, a new website could give us a few hints who dies next – to avoid us being so shocked when the inevitable happens. A group of students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have scoured existing data from the books, fan tweets and more to predict who will be the next character to kick the bucket in the series using a brainy algorithm.

Leading the charge to die next is current King of Westeros, Tommen Baratheon who they reckon has a 97% chance of dying next, followed by Stannis Baratheon (96%) and fan favourite Daenerys Targaryen (95%). Things aren’t looking good for the Starks – who are being picked off one by one in the show – with Arya at 68 percent and Bran at 71 percent, although they reckon Sansa has only a 3 percent chance of kicking the bucket. So that’s finally some good news for her. Notorious bastard Ramsay Bolton is at 64 percent and his former prisoner Theon Greyjoy is at 74 percent – despite finally escaping from his clutches.

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The group have been pretty accurate too, with their algorithm correctly predicting 74 percent of character deaths in the show to date. So of course, we tried to find out what they predict for Jon Snow – and you might be pleased to know that they think there’s only an 11 percent chance of Snow actually being dead. Will he be in Sunday’s episode? Probably not, but we’re going to take this slim piece of hope and run with it.

Check out the site and their algorithm for nearly every character from the show here and come Sunday, we might be looking back on this in awe.