This Amazing Video Mashes Up The Simpsons And Making A Murderer – Watch

Making A Murderer has become the biggest TV hit of 2016 so far, even though the Netflix show isn’t technically on TV. A documentary about Wisconsin man Steven Avery, who served 18 years in prison for sexual assault before being exonerated in 2003, only to be rearrested two years later in a separate murder case, it has offered loads of talking points. The show is a complete package – shoved online in one go – but this true crime story keeps rolling on, with new developments making headlines all the time.

This hasn’t escaped the attention of Vulture, the pop culture website that runs a regular video series called ‘Remix’, which mashes up various films and shows for your viewing pleasure. They imagined the Avengers characters in a rom-com and wondered how Idris Elba would really fare as James Bond (answer: brilliantly), and now they’ve had another stroke of genius.

What if Homer Simpson was the subject of Making A Murderer? If there’s one thing the internet likes more than the recently gentrified true crime genre, it’s The Simpsons. As Vulture says: “Outsider. Family man. Occasional troublemaker. Shabby dresser… All these descriptors fit Steven Avery, the accused murderer at the heart of Netflix’s hit documentary series Making a Murderer… but they could also fit beloved cartoon oaf Homer Simpson.” Their awesome mash-up trailer backs up that statement – and then some – but everyone knows Maggie probably did it.