This App Will Tell You How Many Hours You Spent Streaming Music on Spotify In 2015

It’s coming to that time when we look back on the past year and wonder just where the hell the time went. For many of us, Spotify’s Year In Music feature provides the answer: we were busy listening to loads and loads – and loads – of songs.

The feature begins by telling you about your personal year in music, including your most-streamed artists and the first song you listened to on the service in 2015. Then it hits you: “You listened to [insert gargantuan number here] minutes of music this year. That translates to [more digestible but somehow even more terrifying figure]. Or [truly staggering] number of days.” From personal experience, it is quote a sobering thing to learn that you spent 39 entire days getting your ears filled by Spotify.

After the personal stats (which also includes breakdowns of your listening habits through each season and your overall number of tracks) we get a pretty informative – though in places odd – run-through of the year, tied to various playlists. Sepp Blatter’s departure from the FA is linked to a list of bands who lost influential members, while we also learn that streams of One Direction rocketed 1900% in the hours after the announcement that Zayn Malik was leaving the band.

Check out your Year in Music here.