This Astronaut Played The Bagpipes In Space – Watch

Space travel is starting to look less like pioneering breakthroughs in the exploration and understanding of the universe and more like an episode of Galaxy’s Got Talent.

Back in 2012 astronaut Chris Hadfield became the first man to write and record a song in space, joining a long line of spacemen going Major Tom on us. In 1965 Walter M Schirra Jr and Thomas P Stafford played a Christmas prank on ground control by pretending to spot Santa Claus re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and then playing ‘Jingle Bells’ on harmonica and sleighbells, while others have taken foldable electric guitars and keyboards to their space stations or fashioned vacuum tubes into workable didgeridoos. In 2011 Cady Coleman and Ellen Ochoa took flutes into space and played the first ever earth-to-space satellite link-up duet with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson.

Today sees another first – a bagpipe performance on the International Space Station. In honour of his former colleague Victor Hurst, who died in October, Kjell Lindgren performed a moving rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ on lightweight plastic bagpipes. Check it out…