This Bizarre Game Based On Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’ Is Infuriatingly Addictive

Let’s face it, the last time anyone did any actual work on a Friday it was creation week at Godcorp, and in all likelihood even He was cutting some corners that day. It’s best we just accept this fact and get on with the business of killing some time before booze o’clock with some completely pointless online gaming. This interactive version of forgotten funk man Jamiroquai’s outstandingly cool ‘Virtual Insanity’ video is a diabolically infuriating skill game in which the player takes control of Jay Kay, manoeuvring the diminutive funkster to avoid the deadly criss-crossing sofas. It’s tough, like Frogger but with silly hats. You might say that, truly, it’s enough to drive a man to virtual insanity. If you did though none of your friends would like you anymore. Check out a video of the game below and play the game here.