This Drake And Blink-182 Mash-Up Proves There’s Still Fun To Be Had With ‘Hotline Bling’

Everyone thought Drake‘s internet rash of a single ‘Hotline Bling’ must have died a death after Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump – still-leading-the-GOP-polls Donald Trump – appeared in a cringeworthy parody video alongside the beleaguered cast of SNL. That in itself was a very late addition to an already busy roster of famouses who had lined up to take a piece of the Hotline pie.

Before him there was veteran boxer Mike Tyson, who performed the song on US chat show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; Justin Bieber, who created a hotline especially for people wanting to listen to his version; and soul legend Erykah Badu, who added an extra three minutes to the track. Even Sufjan Stevens had a pop, although he did so rather merrily.

Even after all that, there’s still room for Bling-ovation, which here comes in the form of this mash-up: Blink 182’s ‘Adam’s Song’ and Drake’s hit. It’s an unsettling pairing, pitting the gloomy lyrics of Blink’s 2000 single against the chirpy organ of Drake’s track. Listen if you dare.